List of Similes

Enjoy our list of similes! If you can think of any new ones, please email them to:

  1. Her hair glistened in the rain like a nose hair after a sneeze
  2. As useful as a chocolate teapot
  3. As useful a a chocolate fireguard
  4. He had a face like a bucket of smashed crabs
  5. Like a cat on a hot tin roof
  6. He was articulate like a lorry
  7. I'm off like milk
  8. As subtle as a flying mallet
  9. Teeth like a burnt out fuse box
  10. Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to be on my toes
  11. His teeth were like broken Tic Tacs
  12. He looked like he had brushed his teeth with Marmite
  13. He was sweating like Pavarotti on a treadmill
  14. She's got a face that could make an onion cry
  15. He's got a face like a stuntman's knee
  16. As agile as a monkey
  17. As useful as concrete slippers in a swimming pool
  18. As alike as two peas in a pod
  19. As annoying as nails scratching against a chalkboard
  20. As bald as a baby's backside
  21. As bald as a badger
  22. As bald as a coot
  23. As beautiful as nature
  24. As big as a boat
  25. As big as a bus
  26. As big as an elephant
  27. As blind as a bat
  28. As blind as a mole
  29. As bold as brass
  30. As brave as a lion
  31. As bright as a button
  32. As bright as a new pin
  33. As bright as day
  34. As bright as the sun
  35. As busy as a beaver
  36. As busy as a bee
  37. As busy as a cat on a hot tin roof
  38. As calm as a millpond
  39. As clear as a bell
  40. As clean as a hound's tooth
  41. As clean as a whistle
  42. As clear as crystal
  43. As clear as mud
  44. As cold as ice
  45. As common as dirt
  46. As cool as a cucumber
  47. As crazy as a loon
  48. As cunning as a fox
  49. As cute as a baby
  50. As cute as a button
  51. As cute as a cup cake
  52. As damp as the salty blue ocean
  53. As dead as a doornail
  54. As dead as a dodo
  55. As deaf as a post
  56. As delicate as a flower
  57. As dense as a brick
  58. As different as chalk from cheese
  59. As drunk as a lord
  60. As dry as a bone
  61. As dry as dust
  62. As dull as dishwater
  63. As easy as A.B.C.
  64. As easy as pie
  65. As fast as a racecar
  66. As fat as a hippo
  67. As fat as a pig
  68. As fit as a fiddle
  69. As flat as a pancake
  70. As free as a bird
  71. As fresh as a daisy
  72. As funny as a balloon
  73. As gentle as a lamb
  74. As good as gold
  75. As hairy as an ape
  76. As happy as a clown
  77. As happy as a lark
  78. As happy as Larry
  79. As happy as a rat with a gold tooth
  80. As hard as nails
  81. As hard as rock
  82. As high as a kite
  83. As hoarse as a crow
  84. As hot as a fire cracker
  85. As hot as hell
  86. As hungry as a bear
  87. As hungry as a wolf
  88. As innocent as a lamb
  89. As keen as mustard
  90. As large as life
  91. As light as a feather
  92. As light as air
  93. As likely as not
  94. As loud as a lion
  95. As lowly as a worm
  96. As mad as a hatter
  97. As mad as a hornet
  98. As mad as the march hare
  99. As merry as a cricket
  100. As modest as a maiden
  101. As much use as a yard of pump water
  102. As naked as a baby
  103. As neat as a pin
  104. As nutty as a fruitcake
  105. As obstinate as a mule
  106. As old as dirt
  107. As old as the hills
  108. As pale as death
  109. As pale as a ghost
  110. As patient as Job
  111. As plain as day
  112. As pleased as Punch
  113. As poor as a church mouse
  114. As poor as dirt
  115. As pretty as a picture
  116. As proud as a peacock
  117. As pure as snow
  118. As pure as the driven snow
  119. As quick as a wink
  120. As quick as lightning
  121. As quick as silver
  122. As quiet as a mouse
  123. As rich as gold
  124. As right as rain
  125. As round as a barrel
  126. As round as a circle
  127. As round as a sphere
  128. As safe as houses
  129. As rare as hen's teeth
  130. As sensitive as a flower
  131. As sharp as a needle
  132. As sharp as a razor
  133. As sick as a dog
  134. As sick as a parrot
  135. As silent as the dead
  136. As silent as the grave
  137. As silly as a goose
  138. As sleepy as a koala
  139. As slippery as an eel
  140. As slow as molasses
  141. As slow as a snail
  142. As slow as a tortoise
  143. As slow as a turtle
  144. As slow as a wet weekend
  145. As sly as a fox
  146. As smart as an owl
  147. As smooth as silk
  148. As snug as a bug in a rug
  149. As sober as a judge
  150. As soft as a baby's bottom
  151. As solid as a rock
  152. As solid as the ground we stand on
  153. As sound as a bell
  154. As sound as a pound
  155. As sour as vinegar
  156. As steady as a rock
  157. As sticky as jam
  158. As stiff as a board
  159. As still as death
  160. As straight as an arrow
  161. As strong as an ox
  162. As stubborn as a mule
  163. As sturdy as an oak
  164. As sure as death and taxes
  165. As sweet as honey
  166. As tall as a giraffe
  167. As tight as a drum
  168. As thick as a brick
  169. As thick as two short planks
  170. As thin as a rake
  171. As thin as a toothpick
  172. As timid as a rabbit
  173. As tiny as a grain of sand
  174. As tough as leather
  175. As tough as nails
  176. As tough as old boots
  177. As tricky as a box of monkeys
  178. As welcome as a skunk at a lawn party
  179. As white as a ghost
  180. As white as a sheet
  181. As white as snow
  182. As wise as Solomon
  183. As wise as an owl
  184. As welcome as Bill Gates in the Apple office
  185. She had a face like a bag of spanners
  186. He looked like a bulldog chewing a wasp
  187. As tidy as a marine's bunk
  188. As crooked as a roach leg
  189. As useless as a solar powered flashlight